System Integrity Overview

Subsea Fluid Services offers an extensive system integrity evaluation service towards both new and existing assets.

Our laboratory focused fluid integrity testing is mainly based on API 17F/ ISO 13628-6 Annex C & OEM specifications, where we carry out intense testing of fluids, mixtures, & material compatibility testing.

Our equipment focused fluid integrity testing covers a range of DCV, DHSV, Umbilical, Pumps & general hydraulic equipment as per Operator requirements.

Please refer to the tables below for general information on the services available and/or follow the specific navigation tabs covering ‘Integrity Screen Package’ and/or ‘Full API 17F/ ISO 13628-6 Testing

’if a fluid touches it, we can test it!’

System Integrity

SFS offer an extensive system integrity evaluation service from both a laboratory and mechanical testing perspective.
System Integrity Capabilities
Typical Testing
  • All aspects of testing to API 17F/ ISO 13628-6 (annex C)
  • Fluid Evaluations to OEM & International Standards
  • Test temperature ranges available from -80°C to >300°C
  • Compatibility, performance and stability laboratory testing
  • Risk assessment of likely fluid/material interactions in the field
  • Sophisticated system integrity screen programmes & packages
  • Mechanical testing of umbilical DCV’s and DHSV’s
  • Mechanical testing of pumps, valves, cylinders & accumulators
  • Wide range of additional laboratory services available
  • Thermoplastic Compatibility
  • High Temperature Stability Testing
  • Elastomer and Metal Fluid Compatibility
  • Mixed Fluid Compatibility (control fluids, brines, seawater etc.)
  • Lubrication testing (such as Falex and 4-Ball testing)
  • Tensile Testing on both Elastomers and Metals
  • Mechanical testing of umbilical DCV’s and DHSV’s
  • Mechanical testing of pumps, valves, cylinders & accumulators
  • Routine Fluid Condition Monitoring of fluid sent from offshore
Subsea Fluid Services Serving the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry worldwide
Component Testing


Specialist engineers have designed
and built test rigs for :
Directional control valves (DCV)
Down hole safety valves (DHSV)
Laboratory services


Team of scientists and state of the
art laboratory facilities for :
Fluid analysis
Material compatibility
Mechanical testing
Spectroscopy (FTIR & ICP)
Microscopy (SEM)
Consultancy services


Wide range of bespoke consultancy
Services Including :
IT software development
On-site surveys
Environmental audits & updates

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