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From our International Test Centre near Manchester UK, Subsea Fluid Services (SFS) provide a comprehensive range of hydraulic fluid and equipment testing services to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.

Our highly experienced engineering team can qualify water and oil based fluids on purpose built industry test rigs and our respected scientists (who are experienced formulation chemists), can offer customers a full chemical and mechanical analysis service via our ‘state of the art’ laboratory facilities.

Our combined skills and knowledge are also available to our clients via our consultancy & training services which can be tailored according to customer need.

’if a fluid touches it, we can test it!’

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    Subsea Fluid Services Limited
    E18, Croft Court
    Leigh, Lancashire
    WN7 3PT, UK
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    Our Vision is to become the leading Global expert for everything related to the qualification and testing of subsea and topside hydraulic fluids and their suitability for use with key equipment and materials.

    We can also add value to our client’s existing qualification processes with sub-contract services & independent test reports.

    In short : "If a fluid touches it, we can test it."

Subsea Fluid Services Serving the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry worldwide
Component Testing


Specialist engineers have designed
and built test rigs for :
Directional control valves (DCV)
Down hole safety valves (DHSV)
Laboratory services


Team of scientists and state of the
art laboratory facilities for :
Fluid analysis
Material compatibility
Mechanical testing
Spectroscopy (FTIR & ICP)
Microscopy (SEM)
Consultancy services


Wide range of bespoke consultancy
Services Including :
IT software development
On-site surveys
Environmental audits & updates

Subsea Fluid Services Limited

, E18, Croft Court, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 3PT, UK,  |  |  +44 (0)1942 608 831